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  Your lawn, trees and shrubs represent a considerable long-term investment in your landscape. With proper care, these plants can provide beautiful surroundings, cooling shade, and many other benefits for decades. Our landscapers have the experience and training to detect many potential lawn, tree or shrub problems before they become expensive, life threatening or hazardous.

Attentive Tree & Lawn Care provides a variety of services:

Mowing trimming & edging

Hedge, shrub, and groundcover maintenance

Rock yard & beaches

Weed management

Fertilization programs


IPM programs


Tree pruning, mangrove trimming and palm tree cleaning


Some reasons to prune palms:

1) Removing dead and dying lower fronds improves the appearance of a palm.

2) Dead and dying fronds and loose petioles are weakly attached to some palms and can place people and property at risk should they fall from tall palms. People have been severely injured by falling fronds. Dead and dying palm fronds should be removed regularly to reduce this risk.

 3) Pruning can remove fruit clusters, especially in public landscapes where falling fruit and flower debris can be messy as well as hazardous. Some palms generate copious amounts of seedlings near the plant. Removing flowers or fruit reduces the number of potential seedlings.

4) Remove sprouts from the base of the trunk.


Here is how we prune palms:

1.  Dead fronds are removed

2.  Fronds are pruned to a ten and two configuration

3.  Coconuts, and developing flower and fruit stalks are removed using a chainsaw or hand saw.

4.  Debris is removed from property the same day


Landscaping Service Areas in the Keys

 We provide landscaping services in the upper and middle Keys from Key Largo to Marathon. Including Rodriguez Key, Tavernier, Windley Key, Upper and Lower Matecumbe Key, Islamorada, Lignumvitae Key, Jewfish, Fiesta, Long Key, Layton, Grassy, Duck Key, Vaca Cut and Pigeon Key.      


Licenses, Credentials and Certificates 

  We maintain a Landscape Specialty Contractors license, (number SP2093), a license from the Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control, (number LC106571), a fertilizer applicator license, (number LF189382) and we are a Certified Arborist, (number, FL-5369A). We also carry a Certificate in Horticulture from the University of Florida, and hold a certificate in the Green Industries Best Management Practices, (number GV15452).

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